Nothing. It's Worth Fighting For.

I say no to bulges, no
to diabetes and no to tooth
cavities. I love my family and
want them to enjoy the
healthiest beverage on the
planet that is simply pure,
refreshing hydration.
No calories
I want my water bottles made
from 100% recycled plastic from
a company that cares about
the environment.
No new plastic
I know that BPA has
been banned in baby bottles.
I don't want any in my
water bottles.
BPA free
I buy Arrowhead
Natural Spring Water
because I care about
my health, my family's
health and the
No guilt

Why the green bottle?

We take in all sorts of plastic - including green bottles that
other recyclers don't use. We sort it and transform it into
new bottles enabling us to reuse plastic, taking it out of the
environment. Fresh every time the new green bottles are single
use and should be recycled. Once you have finished the water,
collapse the bottle by stepping on it, and recycle.

We are in this fight together

We are a family business that started small. Our business
grew because more families like us wanted to drink pure,
healthy, refreshing water and also because we cared
passionately about keeping our water sources pristine,
saving every bit of energy, using recycled materials and
running super-efficient plants. We are the only North
American beverage company that operates a plastic
recycling plant. Every day we fight to reduce environmental
impacts and deliver industry-leading purity that families
can afford.

Jamie and Sandy Gott,
along with many members
of their family, work in
this company every
day caring about
every aspect.

Arrowhead Natural Spring Water.
Pure and refreshing as always.

While our bottle has changed from blue to green
our water is unchanged

For over 30 years Arrowhead Natural Spring
Water has been a favourite brand of water
delivered to Western Canada homes and offices.
Our water source is near High River, Alberta fed
from rivers originating from the glaciers of
Kananaskis country and the Rockies.

Where to buy

Arrowhead Spring Water and
Demineralized Water are available in
Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
British Columbia.

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